December 6, 2023

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“History of England Volume II” Book Review

by GVHSJagJournal
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History of England Volume II by G.M. Trevelyan is a great book and should be provided for students learning about England. The title is describes the book in the least amount of words. Trevelyan is a historian and author from England. The book can be read without familiarzing yourself with the first volume.

The author’s intention is to teach the reader about the Tudor and Stuart dynasties. Some limitations include the lack of other countries’ perspectives. Trevelyan has to stay on the English side of the conflicts. Despite this, I saw no important aspects missing.

Furthermore, History of England Volume II provides mostly accurate. The concept is well defined. There are footnotes, diagrams, and royal family trees in the book to help clarify the subject. The language is clear with the index accurate to the page. Additionally, the author uses primary sources to provide first-accounts of the epic history described.

History of England Volume II is great book that provides rich and captivating information regarding the English people.

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