“Aftershock” Book Review

Aftershock, by Stephen Kyle, is about a disease named Artemis which gives victims horrible effects and has a 100% fatality rate in just a few hours. The story follows Mike Ryder, a scientist at H.A.R.C., as develops a bio weapon that may help eliminate the deadly disease.

The book is decent so far, yet not up with some of the best I’ve ever read; however, it does have its moments. My biggest complaint is that the book starts off very slow and doesn’t get into the action until much later. The beginning ‘hook’ of the book isn’t very exciting and I feel like some important details are sometimes left out. That being said, as the story progresses, you can overlook some of its other minor issues.

All in all, Aftershock is a decent book that I would recommend to anyone who has a bit of patience.

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