December 2, 2023

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“Ender’s Game” Book Review

by GVHSJagJournal
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Reviewed by Johnathan Fager

Taking place in the distant future, Orson Scott Card’s Enders Game is a science fiction novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A futuristic setting opens a variety of possibilities that will keep you wondering what will happen in the story; additionally, the story is narrated by Ender himself, providing the reader direct insight into his mind.

With the reading I have completed so far, I feel as if Ender’s Game is merely another average dystopian novel. It has a good plot and storyline, but it is filled with recycled plot elements found in similar novels. However, Ender is a well-developed character with strong values.

I have yet to complete the novel, but I already find it quite relatable, as Ender’s domestic life is similar to mine. Despite its familar storyline, I think Ender’s Game will be a delightful line.

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