Transitioning To A New School

By Kathryn Hutchinson

Moving can be hard for many people no matter how big or small. For me, I had both. I am originally from a small town called Erie in Pennsylvania and went to a small Catholic school with a graduating class of 57 people. We first decided to move when my mom was offered a job in Garnet Valley around January. From there, my dad found a job and everything seemed to be falling in place.

Needless to say, my first few weeks before school were scary and difficult. I did not know what to expect from high school…let alone a high school where everyone already knew each other from middle school! During my first week of school, I knew very few people. It was a lonely time but passed quickly. I soon started to meet people at Drama Club; without them, I never would have gotten through the first quarter. 

Since that day, I have become a lot more comfortable with the school and Garnet Valley itself. I have made so many friends and joined clubs that make me happy. If I could give some advice to anyone in my situation, it would be to relax, knowing everything will be okay, and join activities such as Drama Club, which I recommend to any student at Garnet Valley. 

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