Hunchback of Notre Dame: An Actress’s Point of View

By Katie Donaghy

This past weekend, the members of the GVPAA participated in the production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the story of Quasmido, a kindhearted hunchback. I had the opportunity to play Esmaralda, the female lead.

Playing a lead role had its advantages and disadvantages. The week leading up to the show was extremely busy and I found myself with little time to complete my homework. I think everyone in the cast, not just leads, had this problem. Everyone had large jobs in executing the various artistic aspects of the production.

The advantages were that we performed a show that we never believed to be this successful. I remember listening to the show when it was announced and laughing at the thought of us singing this music.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is probably the most difficult show that Garnet Valley has put on its stage. Not only did we perform it well, but we have received countless reviews saying it was the best production Garnet Valley has done. After the Thursday night show, the buzz generated around the school and ticket sales increased greatly for the next three shows. The hardwork and dedication every cast member had put into the production led to an incredible show

If you missed this amazing show, you can watch it on the Garnet Valley Performing Arts Youtube channel!

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