Youth and Government Club

Youth and Government Club

President: Morgan Dempsey

Vice President: Atreya Ghosh

Secretary: Robbie Gamble

Treasurer: Evan Allen

Youth and Government is a national competition that has students in each state create and operate a model government for 4 days. These model governments give students a first-hand experience voting, debating for and against bills, and presenting a case in front of a youth-elected supreme court. Students are able to choose from being constitutional lawyers, congressmen, or even helping run the newspaper which details the daily events of YAG.

We meet in Mr. Yohannan’s room during the second Learn, every B day. 

People can join by emailing Mr. Yohannan or any of our officers, or just showing up to a meeting. 

I started this team during my freshman year because I thought the students who wish to enter into a legal or political career field would gain meaningful from attending and with Mr. Yohannan, our club was able to send three judicial teams from our delegation to the state competition our first year. Youth and Government is the perfect balance between a social and an academic club, as we push all of our members and prepare rigorously for our model convention but also having fun along the way.


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