Football Friday

Hello GVHS Community, As you may have heard, our friends and neighbors in the Ridley School District have recently been dealing with an outbreak of mumps, affecting about a dozen individuals, in their high school community. As you know, we are scheduled to play Ridley High School in our last regular season game tomorrow night, Friday, October 25th. In advance of this contest, we have been in contact with various Ridley School District officials as well as having multiple communications with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to better understand the situation. At this time, the PA Department of Health has not placed any restrictions and/or directives to cancel this contest, so the game will go on as planned. Obviously, if the PA Department of Health issues any directives in this matter, then we will certainly adhere to their recommendations. In closing, thank you for your attention and support. For your viewing and information, I am attaching a fact sheet on mumps. I will also send out another eAlert should we receive further instruction or direction from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. All the best, Stephen Brandt, GVHS Principal

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