What is Pottermore?

What is Pottermore?

By: Shasidhar Vadlamudi


     Have you ever heard of Pottermore? The official fan website of the prestigious and famed Harry Potter series. You could call it the Wikipedia of the Harry Potter series because it has pages of information on the Harry Potter series and all the characters and events. It allows you to deem yourself a wizard/witch and experience the everyday lives of a student at Hogwarts. Some of the highlights of the websites are the wand choosing test, sorting hat ceremony and finding you Patronus. Pottermore is filled with all the information on the Harry Potter series and even if you don’t like Harry Potter you can engulf yourself in the website regardless of your prior knowledge of Harry Potter.


     You can classify yourself as which type of wizard you would be if you went to Hogwarts and if it was real(sadly it is not). Exploring Hogwarts is one of the greatest features of the website because you can drag your mouse and explore the 3D representation of Hogwarts. You can explore 100 of the many historic sights of Hogwarts while learning about the “Hogwarts, A History” as Hermione would constantly exclaim. It is interactive and so detailed and is fun to use.

     Choosing your Patronus is also a memorable part of the Pottermore experience. You get directed to the forbidden forest where you select adjectives and words in a limited time. You could call it a personality test. You describe characteristics that you find appealing to you and the program selects the perfect animal for you based on your answers. There is a wide range of personalities and some of the include chow dog, leopard, and lion. There is an endless amount of possibilities and the detail put into the program if magnificent to experience.


         But to come to a conclusion, Pottermore is one of the greatest fan websites of any book series and the intractability with the website makes it what it is. There are many different features to the websites and everything you ever wanted to know about Harry Potter.


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