Nominate a GV Hall of Fame Alumnus

Do you know a GVSD graduate who:

  • Embodies the highest standards of ethical conduct and moral character while exemplifying the ideals that the school community wishes its students to emulate and perpetuate?
  • Made significant contributions in one or all of the following areas:  Arts and Athletics, Business and Innovation, and Service and Humanitarianism. 
  • Garnered local, regional, and/or national recognition. 

To nominate an individual, community members can go to the district website by clicking here or call Joanmarie Curtis, Executive and Communications Assistant at 610-579-7367.  

For those of you that don’t know about The Hall of Fame, it was created to recognize, preserve and promote the Garnet Valley School District’s proud tradition of excellence. Since 1963, many individuals have made extraordinary contributions and achieved remarkable accomplishments in our school community. The Hall of Fame honors the contributions and accomplishments of these exceptional individuals so that future generations of GVSD students can be inspired and guided by them. Current Hall of Fame members include Nancy Albany ‘71, Anthony Bucci ‘99, Dr. Sandra Gibson-Hassink ‘71, Brigadier General Thomas D. Weidley ‘83, Melanie Bergwall-Palladinetti ‘04, Eugene Botes ‘99, Steve Conrad ‘77, Dr. James Guille ‘83, Kristen Seltzer ‘96, Carmen Bucci ‘01, Brian DiSabatino ‘83, George Krautzel ‘90, and Carl Wright ‘87.

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