There is No B in Tennis

By: Julia Lennon

Currently, GVHS tennis is one of the top teams in the league! As great as that is, there is one huge problem on the courts. That problem’s name is BEES. Everywhere you look, there are bees. There has to be a hive somewhere on the courts. It’s likely that there is a whole bee army just waiting to strike at this point.

So far, three of us have been stung. That’s three more than there should be. For those of us who have never been stung before, it’s stressful to wonder “am I allergic?” because just being on the courts highly increases your chances of getting stung. We love our courts and we want them to be safe to play on.

On the bright side, I have discovered that a racket is a great source of defense. I’ve lost count of how many bees I have downed with mine. The trick is to hit them with your racket, then when they go down struggling, that’s when you need to step on them. IT’s funny that I even have to know that! And a few rackets can only handle so many bees.

This bee problem is very distracting. We cannot concentrate with bees constantly attacking us. The only thing I remember from practice the other day is watching the bees fly around myself and my teammates. Countless times, I’ve had to delay a play to swat a bee out of the way; (that was not an intentional rhyme:). And what impression does this leave the opposing team of us? When they recall the match, they see the bees ingrained in their minds. Not our beautiful courts, the bees. I hope something can be done about these bees.

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