3 Ways to Make Money as a Teenager 2019 Guide

3 Ways to Make Money as a Teenager 2018 Guide

By: Sebastian Morales

     We’ve all been there when you go to a store and you realize “I’m Broke.” This has happened to all of us, we all feel like It would be easier just to quit school and start making YouTube videos for a living. As much as I wish it was that easy, it’s just not practical or realistic. So I’ve come up with best ways to make money online with few to little work.

 1. Mercari; I cannot stress how useful this app is. You can buy or sell anything and they take care of the rest. I’ve made around $300 in one month selling my old clothes, electronic and many things like that. If you sign up for Mercari, you get $10 OFF your first purchase. https://www.mercari.com/invitations/?iv_code=QGWDKS


 2. Redbubble; Many people don’t know about this but Redbubble is a company were you design stickers and you upload them, if someone buys the sticker you get a commission for creating that design.


 3. YouTuber; If you are willing to make a commitment and be consistent, go for it. Only do YouTube if you really have a passion for it. **DON’T BUY EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT WHEN STARTING OUT**


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