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Lunch and Learn

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What is Lunch and Learn?

Lunch and Learn is a 63 – 67 minute block of time that occurs each day. Lunch and Learn happens during the middle of the day from 10:35 until 11:38 on non-block days and from 10:33 until 11:40 on block days. During Lunch and Learn teachers will have a scheduled 30 minute lunch period and a 30 minute time that they are available to assist students. Half of the teachers will have lunch first and half of the teachers will have lunch second. Students will not have a scheduled lunch period. Instead, students will choose each day how to best use this block of time. However, all students must remain on campus during the Lunch and Learn period. Some days students may spend part of the time eating and part of the time seeing one or more teachers for additional help. Other days students may spend part of the time eating lunch and the remainder of the time reviewing for a test or completing other work. How the Lunch and Learn time is used is at the discretion of the student. Exceptions to this are as follows:

  • Students who are written up for a behavior issue during Lunch and Learn will be assigned to a specific place to eat their lunch
  • Students who are failing a class or in need of remediation or support may be scheduled to see a specific teacher during Lunch and Learn
  • If a teacher has a reason to see a specific student or group of students, those students may be scheduled with the teacher during Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn Expectations

All students must remain on campus during the Lunch and Learn period. The lunch and learn model allows for an open use of shared spaces in the High School. Therefore, it is critical that all students take ownership of the shared spaces. For this reason:

  • Students will be expected to clean up their trash in the area where they choose to eat lunch. Additional trash cans will be provided in shared spaces to make cleaning up more efficient.
  • Students are expected to treat furniture and campus resources with respect and care as they use the shared spaces.
  • Paraprofessionals will will be assigned to a specific area of the cafeteria or building to provide supervision during Lunch and Learn.
  • There will be disciplinary consequences for students who choose to not follow the expectations.

Where can students eat during Lunch and Learn?

Students may choose to eat in a variety of different locations.

  • The cafeteria
  • Outside (weather permitting)
  • The lobby
  • Common Grounds (The Art Wing)
  • The old main entrance
  • The library
  • Other available seating throughout the building
  • There will be a quiet space designated for lunch for students who prefer this type of eating space

To maintain the privilege of eating in areas outside of the cafeteria it is imperative that students clean up their trash.

How will students know when their teachers are available?

All teachers will be available for thirty minutes of “Learn” time for a minimum of three days and a maximum of six days during a cycle. Teachers’ hours for the “Learn” session of Lunch and Learn will be available in a variety of places. Hours will be:

  • Posted outside of the teacher’s door
  • Posted online via ALMA
  • Included on the syllabus

For planning purposes, students should know that each teacher’s lunch time and learn time will remain the same all year.

Do students need to sign up for Lunch and Learn?

Students are strongly encouraged to sign up through ALMA to see their teachers. Teacher availability will be most accurate when viewed through ALMA. Students who are assigned to a teacher for a specific reason will be pre-populated in ALMA and viewable on each student’s activity screen in ALMA. No student will be required to attend more than 30 minutes of Learn time per day.

How will students know when a teacher’s “Learn” time is over?

During Lunch and Learn teachers will be available for approximately 30 minutes to assist students and 30 minutes for lunch. After the first 30 minutes of the Lunch and Learn block, a bell will ring. If students are working with a teacher at this time, then they must leave that room and choose to go to another teacher’s room who has “Learn” time during the second half of the block, attend a club, or go eat lunch.

Clubs during Lunch and Learn

Students will have the opportunity to participate in clubs on specified days during Lunch and Learn. 9th grade students will be given an overview of the clubs that are available during orientation. Teachers may offer up to 3 clubs during a cycle with the remaining three periods to be available for open office hours. In order for clubs to continue to run attendance needs to be maintained. Clubs that are under attended will be dropped. Students should be aware that the meeting time during Lunch and Learn is only one aspect of the club. For most clubs, the time commitment outside of school is greater than the time during Lunch and Learn.

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