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Charity Sassi and Olivia DiMarino

photos by Olivia DiMarino

Charity Sassi

June 14, 2019 in the GVHS library there was a variety of IRP projects presented by students. As you walk in you see an assortment of poster boards and nicely dressed students. Each student picked a topic and supported it with research. The projects included experiments, interviews, reports, and many more. There was a presentation by, freshman, Mika Delacruz about subliminal messages. Her experiment found that the longer they listened to a video with a subliminal message the better they did with a memory game. Another one that stuck out was by Carly Ghidro on how sleep impacts human health. The research she collected said 10-15 min of less screen time  could impact the quality of your sleep dramatically. All of the students did a wonderful job!

by Olivia DiMarino
by Olivia DiMarino
by Olivia DiMarino

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