Baseball and Softball Update

By: Alec Eskin

So far, it has been a very good season for both the baseball and softball teams. The baseball team’s signature win was yesterday against Conestoga where they walked it off in the 7th inning on a shallow fly ball RBI single by Steve Theisen. The softball team’s signature win was the 3-2 win over undefeated Conestoga where Becca Halford only allowed four hits. Here are some other details on both of these teams. . .

The baseball team is 12-3, 11-1 in the Central League and 1st in the Central League. Their latest win was against Conestoga where they won 3-2. They will face Ridley at home today at 3:45. Pitching was an area of concern for this team, but the pitching has stepped up big time this year, propelling them to the 12-3 record they have now.

The softball team has had a similar type of success that the baseball team has had. The softball team is 11-3 overall, 9-3 in the Central League, and 3rd in the Central League. Their pitching has also been outstanding this year and a big reason why they have an 11-3 record. They will play at Ridley today at 3:45.

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