‘bury a friend’ Song Review

Upcoming singer Billie Eilish’s new song “bury a friend” off of her new album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” hit #14 on the Billboard charts in the first week it was out.

This song is, according to Billie’s interviews about it, about both sleep paralysis and ‘the monster under her bed.’

When watching the video, the viewer can clearly see that Eilish can’t move when she is being attacked and, in some scenes, that she is also the monster under the bed.

This poses many meanings, as with any music video.

Personally, I think that means that she sometimes attacks her own mind and becomes her own monster. The first time I had listened to this song, I was genuinely shocked at how catchy and how seemingly dark it was.

The first set of lyrics were all questions that seemed towards Billie from this “monster” like ‘Why don’t you run from me?’ and ‘Why aren’t scared of me?’. Another way to look at it would be Eilish asking the monster under her bed these questions, as if she’s wondering why the monster isn’t fazed by her or her demons.

The beat of the song is very distinct and I’ve never heard anything like it before. It almost reminds you of the adrenaline-filled heartbeat of falling in a nightmare, not knowing you’ll wake up in time to be saved.

The next verse then again seems like it’s coming at Billie and trying to scare her again. “Step on the glass, staple your tongue (ahh) / Bury a friend, try to wake up (ah ahh) / Cannibal class, killing the son (ahh) / Bury a friend, I wanna end me”.

One would assume these lyrics refer to what you would experience during sleep paralysis.

The ominous tone of it gives the song a very nightmare-ish vibe, as if the listener is trapped in this nightmare with Eilish.

Overall, this song, while a bit odd, is spectacular in that it provides the listener with the ‘abridged version’ of sleep paralysis, and is beautifully composed on top of that.

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