Study Hall: is it Worth it? Here’s What Students Think

By Sanjana Chadive

Next year, Garnet Valley high schoolers will be able to schedule a study hall. However, many students have mixed opinions regarding this new opportunity.

When students take a study hall, they are expected to report to the cafeteria. During this time, one can do homework, study for a test, read, or simply relax. Unlike the other classes at GVHS, study halls are not equated with credit. Nonetheless, a student can still attain the 27.5 credits needed to graduate.

Several academically driven high schoolers are very open to taking a study hall because it allows them to spend more time on their schoolwork. However, others like them are refusing to schedule one, as it will not contribute to their grade point averages (GPAs).

With this, some kids believe that people will take advantage of a study hall and goof off instead.

“It’s a total waste of a credit,” says sophomore Sophia Shoemaker, “It doesn’t count as an elective either. It does nothing but give you free time.”

Fellow sophomore, Anjali Iyengar, expressed a similar opinion, “I guess it’s nice that we [students] can have some more time to study, but I think a lot of people will just end up wasting time.”

Do you think students will take advantage of a study hall? It’s up to you.

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