Which Electives Should I Take?

by: Kaitlyn Purvis

Throughout everyone’s high school career, their schedule’s should consist of a mix of fun and useful classes. Some of the best electives that I have taken throughout my high school years are very easy and helpful in understanding certain things.

Baking as well as Taste of the World are reliefs throughout your day and are interesting when you learn new recipes that you can cook at home. You make many differing recipes throughout the entire class that are all very good and only take about 30-45 minutes to make.  

Current Issues is very informative and lets you in on things that are happening in the world, if you don’t keep up with the news. You talk about your civil rights, some supreme court cases and many other useful things that become common knowledge.   

Acting classes are very good at opening your public speaking abilities and being able to be in front of lots of people. You memorize lines and songs and dances that expand your mind to new things or improve older skills in acting.  

Preschool Lab and Child Development are both very informative about how children act, grow and play in their own minds and how to take care of them. Child Development is the class you want to take if you want to know the book facts. Preschool Lab is applying these book facts to actual children and creating a bond with a child.   

Integrated Tech opens a computer world where you learn how to use Microsoft applications to enhance your tech skills. It is very useful for you to continue through your high school years and helps you understand computer appliances.

Housing and Interior Design takes a new approach to creativity and design. In that class, I was able to design my own vision board for a floor plan, build my own computer generated design, and look into what designers do on a daily basis.

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