Unite For Her!

By: Katie Donaghy

On February 19th, two boys shaved their heads bald for the organization Unite For Her. Unite For Her is an organization that goes beyond most cancer organizations as it focuses on therapies and wellness not only physically, but mentally. For the spring musical, Annie, the main male lead, Daddy Warbucks, is an older bald men. Our two Daddy Warbuck’s, Shane Veloski and Luke Taylor, were going bald to play this part. They decided to make an event out of this head shaving and raise money for Unite For Her. To watch the head shaving there was a $5 admission and there was a raffle to cut part of their hair and each ticket was $10. While the boys were excited to raise money, they were nervous about going bald. Shane Veloski said, “I was nervous about going bald but I was excited at the same time to see myself with no hair.”

Mrs. Arters pulled raffle tickets and multiple kids who came to watch got the chance to shave their heads for the good cause. After their hair was short enough, Sam Lavella, the owner of Moxi Salon, cut it down to just about bald. After they were finished the two boys got to announce to the crowd how much money this event had raised. They had raised almost $800 for Unite For Her. Luke Taylor said this made him feel “good because he knew it was going to a good cause and seeing all that money raised just for shaving his head made him feel really good”. The money they raised will help many women in the Delaware County area help fight cancer.

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