How Exactly does the New Schedule Work?

By Lara Clemens

What exactly is the new schedule going to look like?

Next year, GVHS is changing their schedule. Many people have inquired about what this new schedule will be like and what it is going to look like.

    The schedule follows one similar to the middle school schedule. As a student, you will still have eight credits, but it will be different. You still get the same amount of class time over the course of the year, but the periods are overall shorter. There are still six letter days a cycle. Four out of these six days will have six classes a day, and two out of these classes will have four classes a day. Basically A, B, C, and D days will have six classes where each classes are about forty minutes. You will have six of your classes on these days and you will not have two of your classes. Three out of the four days, you will have your classes, and the other day out of the four you will not have that class. This will rotate.

On E and F days, you have four eighty minute classes. This is for things such as labs, or big tests that might take longer than forty minutes to complete. These classes will also rotate. So, in all, you will have your classes four out of six days out of the cycle. One credit classes will be all year. The school decided to change this because it could be possible that you would not have a class for a whole year or a year and a half. The half credit courses will run for half a year. This would be mostly your electives.

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