Hi-Q Takes The Championship Title Back to GV

By Karthik Reddy

Last week, the Garnet Valley Hi-Q team beat The Delaware County Christian School and Radnor by a comfortable margin. Many Garnet Valley students and parents packed into the Delco Christian auditorium to support the members of the team. Infused with enthusiasm, the GV fans and parents excitedly held up signs for specific members of the team, along with general signs for the whole team. There was so much enthusiasm from the GV section that it prompted the contest moderator to make a comment about how the GV fans “made themself heard” (this comment prompted even more cheers from the GV section). At the start of the competition, all three teams stayed close, no one pulling ahead by more than 5 points. However, when Radnor and Delco Christian each missed their first question, GV pounced, getting a point for the pickup. From there, the gap widened, ending in a 20+ point defeat of both teams. Their next competition is on April 5th.

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