GV Music Gala

By Annie Tunstall

This year, Garnet Valley School District will be hosting its first ever “Music Gala” on Sunday, March 24th at 3:00 pm. While Garnet Valley has hosted musical showcases before such as concerts, music festivals, etc., however, this is the first time in Garnet Valley that the showcase will be spread across schools, with performers from 2nd grade and up to 12th grade. Community members will be able to see the evolution of music throughout the years. At the Music Gala, students will be performing mostly classical pieces. There will be group performances from the elementary, middle, and high school band, chorus, and orchestra, as well as solo performances from students across the district.

The event is a black tie event and tickets will be $15. There will also be concessions provided throughout the event. The money raised from this event will be going to underprivileged schools within the Philadelphia area to fund their music programs, as many of them are struggling to function due to financial cuts. This is a great cause and if you can, please come out and support the Garnet Valley School District Music Department!

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