Chemistry Olympiad

Tomorrow is an exciting day, as multiple students from Garnet Valley High School are taking the national Chemistry Olympiad during the first period block. Each student will be given at maximum 110 minutes in order to complete the exam, but some may need to stay into second period in order to have the time to thoroughly go through the test. Listed below are the names of the high school students from GV who are planning on taking the exam:

Allison Arnold
Aravind Arunchalam
John Carr
Nathan Chen
Naomi Consiglio
Brandon Gorski
Shivananth Ilayanambi
Anirudh Jandhayala
Joseph Kang
Madison Kodis
Holly Krug
Sonia Kumar
Kylie Liang
Arjun Manjunath
Elizabeth Nguyen
Matthew Ominsky
Yash Patni
Padmaja Prasad
Sydney Pyon
Jacob Simeone
Ramsey Smith
Matthew Smolens
Anish Suresh
Christian Templin
John Teng
Cecilia Tran

Please make sure to wish these students good luck before their big chemistry assessment!

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