Gearing Up for Annie

By: Kaitlyn Donaghy

The Garnet Valley Drama Club has started rehearsing for its spring musical, Annie. Annie is a well known story of a red-headed orphan finding her forever home. The performance will be from March 7th-9th. Annie practices have been going well since we have gotten back from winter break. We practice 2 hours every day during the week and have a 4 hour practice each sunday. So far, we have learned all of the songs, begun learning the dances, and have been working on developing our complex characters. Here are some videos of what we have been up to:

If you are interested in learning more about the Drama Club, check out our social medias!

Our instagram is @gvdramaclub, our twitter is @GVHSDramaClub, and we have a Garnet Valley Drama Club group on facebook.

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