Is Duck Donuts Worth the Hype?

By Sebastian Morales

Rating: 4.8/5

I think it’s fair to say that I really didn’t know something could taste so GOOD until I tasted these donuts. Located right by Dilworthtown Crossing, it’s easy to say that Duck Donuts is my new go-to donut shop.

With simple, clean, and elegant red and blue decorations, it’s a space you could sit down in for days. Grabbing a seat at one of the wooden tables by the donut making window (you actually see them make your donuts!), it gives you the “coffee shop” vibe with the mouth watering smell of donuts that makes you go crazy. For a artisan donut, I was pleasantly surprised by the price, as well as pleased with the quality of the item I received.

Maple Icing with Chopped Bacon: Definitely a flavor that I did not expect to find. With maple icing with pieces of bacon on top. I enjoyed the contrast the sweet maple syrup had with the savory bacon. It tasted like the perfect breakfast. I can easily eat million of this delicious combination.

Chocolate Icing with Peanuts: There’s something about this peanut and chocolate combination that really hits the spot. In this donut you basically get the perfect balance between rich milk chocolate and crunchy peanuts.  This is a salty-sweet treat you’ll want to indulge in everytime.

Usually, I would only buy my donuts from Dunkin: I’ve been going to there for years now. But ever since I discovered Duck Donuts, all I can say is that they definitely have some serious competition.

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