How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Olivia Collins

As we begin 2019 many people, including myself, have written or thought about what we can improve upon this year. The problem with these goals is that most of us only keep them for the first few weeks of the year and then go right back to our old habits.  Here are 5 tips to help keep your resolutions for the entire duration of the year!

  1. Make your resolutions realistic

These goals should not be unattainable, instead should start out as small, easily manageable goals. For example, instead of cutting out all sweets for the rest of the year, limit yourself to one per week.

2. Write them down

This one may seem obvious, but instead of just saying you are going to do something, actually take time to write it down.  This way, you can put it in your room or some place you will see it frequently to keep it fresh in your mind daily.

3. Talk to your friends and family about what you plan to accomplish

If you communicate to a person you see daily about your goals, they can help provide motivation to achieve them.

 4. Know when to reevaluate your goals  

Life is always changing and sometimes a circumstance may arise that can keep yourself from obtaining one of your goals. Instead of saying having a negative mindset and dwelling on the fact you could not achieve your goal; rewrite it and create a positive spin on the situation.

5. Create a Reward System

    In order to keep your goals easily obtainable create an incentive to help  you keep your goal. For example if your goal is to exercise every day, create a rest day at the end of the month to reward yourself for your hard work.

New Year’s is a great time to make improvements in your life to keep a positive and healthy lifestyle for a great year. However, remember to not put too much pressure on yourself to meet all your goals. New Year’s Resolutions should be a great way to start off 2019 on a positive note!


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