GV’s Newest Internet Craze: Thanos Dab

By Shane Veloski

There is a new internet craze arriving on the phones of students.  No, it’s not Twitter or Facebook. It is a popular, up-and-coming Instagram page called @gvthanosdab.  The page is run by a Junior Honor Student named Zohaib Faisal. The dedicated Trombone player posts daily pictures of the popular Marvel villain, Thanos, performing the famous 2016 dance move, the dab.  In an exclusive interview with Mr. Faisal he rambled on about how Avengers: Infinity War was his favorite movie ever, and that Thanos was his favorite character from that movie. So it makes sense that he would have an interest in creating this page.  Gv Thanos Dab is using its platform as a position to bring the community together. It had a giveaway for all its followers once it reached 200 . I tried my luck, but it was eventually Freshman student Gregory Lederer that came away with the coveted prize of his own Thanos Dab drawing, produced by Lead Artist Liam Berry.  

Another way GV Thanos Dab is embracing the community is by encouraging its followers to submit their own Thanos drawings. Here is one submitted by senior student Cat Tran.

This idea for a social media page has obviously been very successful and loved by the community.  I was curious about how such a genius idea could have been produced. The only way to answer this question was to ask the Lead Artist himself Liam Berry.  I asked him what his inspiration was for producing his creative and elegant drawings. He responded, “It’s Simple, I like Thanos, and I like dabs.” His words were short, but we know his mind is endless with ideas and color.  I will leave you with one of Mr. Berry’s famous masterpieces, the Sanjay and Craig Thanos Dab, for your enjoyment. Have a wonderful day!

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