Winter Break… Not Here Just Yet!

As a majority of students know, during splendid times of the year such as these wintry, festive December weeks, plans with friends, family gatherings, and simply resting comfortably seem much more important than completing homework and other assignments. This way of thinking is very understandable, as the last thing that many students want to do before their winter breaks of fun and enjoyment is focusing heavily on studying and finishing up necessary work. However, in order for students to ensure that they have the time, energy, and excitement to get through the holidays, it is very important that students take the next week or so as an opportunity to concentrate on their classes, regardless of whether a class is an AP course, gym class, or an elective. If students can utilize their time wisely up until winter break by working on projects, studying diligently for tests, and paying attention during their classes, the holiday season itself afterwards will be most merry and bright. Specifically, students should spend a few hours over this upcoming weekend finalizing assignments for school in order to have more free time closer to the end of next week instead of procrastinating. Additionally, seniors still in the process of applying to colleges, scholarship programs, and financial aid resources should use Saturday and Sunday as an advantage in order to feel more prepared and ahead in the intricate college process. Once students fully and meticulously complete their upcoming assignments and studying, it will be immensely easier for them to sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays.

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