December 10, 2023

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Stress… Don’t Fret!

by GVHSJagJournal
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As high school students, we tend to experience a decent amount of stress on a day to day basis, and while for most of us it can be something that we can eventually bring under our control, there are more severe forms of stress that have an extremely influential impact on the lives of individuals with these high levels of anxiety.

Stress is identified as the as the state of mental or emotional pressure or tension resulting from conflicting or commanding circumstances. The first type of stress is Acute Stress, the most common, which formulates based on the demands of daily life; it is short-term. Some of the symptoms include anger, irritability, muscular problems, stomach problems, elevation in blood pressure, rapid heartbeat. Although in many circumstances, daily acute stress can be a great burden to endure, the effects of acute stress are manageable for the most part.

The next type of stress is Episodic Acute Stress. A frequent experiencing of acute memory can lead to episodic acute memory, more-so for people who worry a lot or are always in a rush or disorganized. Individuals with this type of stress level tend to be overly aroused and sensitive, experiencing physical problems such as migraines, chest pain, hypertension. This form of anxiety requires professional help to overcome and can lead to more complicated health and mental issues later on in life.

The third type of stress is called chronic stress, and when it does affect someone, can last painfully long as it usually links to a problem or situation going on in hat person’s life. Specifically, this type of stress is typically caused due to the person being in an extremely unhappy situation, such as an unhappy marriage, the loss of a job, or the death of a loved one. As a result of this type of stress, there is a lessened sense of hope, which leads to feelings of helplessness and worthlessness; people tend to give up looking for a way out, known as learned helplessness, and often times, they get used to this feeling because it follows them day after day, whereas acute stress usually comes and goes more rapidly. 

Overall, stress, whether it is an extreme or mild case, affects each and every one of us, so it is important for people to find sources of passion, relaxation, and peace in their lives in order to balance out routine anxiety, frustration, and other negative feelings. As the holidays quickly approach, it is advised that students and faculty try to maintain strong, stable balances between their work or various tasks and the exciting plans they have with family, friends, and the community during this winter season. 

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