December 11, 2023

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High School Musical Review

by GVHSJagJournal
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By Owen Abbott

“We’re all in this together” caroled through the auditorium this weekend as the students in Drama Club did a production of Disney’s High School Musical. I grew up watching the movie with my older sister, who was a part of the wonderful cast.
I have grown quite fond of the movie and have memorized most of the lines and lyrics. Although being only two years old when the movie first arrived in theaters, I have become a superfan and feel a personal attachment to some of the famous lines and scenes featured in the movies.

I feel as if Garnet Valley’s musical was very well done and Mrs. Arters, the director, did a fabulous job (as always). From RENT to Wizard Of Oz, she and her students have always done exceptionally in any type of show. I thought the character choices were great, and I was so proud of my peers for taking the time to put in the effort and practice necessary

Some things I didn’t love about the play were the scenes the script had changed for the stage such as the detention scene, where they were not painting sets that led to Coach Bolton’s iconic “What the heck are those two doing in a tree!” The script also missed some good one-liners such as Jason’s “So, how were your holidays, Ms. Darbus?” in the opening classroom scene.

One character who wasn’t in the movie, but was in the performance of stage was Jack Scott, the announcer. From having a signature line to making some jokes, I believe the new character made a fantastic impact and added to the success in the production.
One specific thing that made Jack Scott such an important character to the show is before the curtain even opened; he gave a well-written speech on theater etiquette and appropriate times to cheer for the cast, crew, and musicians in the pit. The best part about this is not only the speech itself but that it gave the time for the kids in the pre-show to get in their seats so they didn’t have to miss any of the performance.
I am proud of all the people who went out for the play and being able to go out in front of everyone and perform. Taking time out of their complex days for four shows. Some parts of the cast included my personal friends Drake Schultz as one of the two actors that play Troy Bolton and Ryan Nealon as one of the Chads in the Saturday Night/Sunday Afternoon cast.
My favorite person in the cast must have been my sister, Lexi Abbott. Although not a lead role, she put in plenty of time and made sacrifices to be able to be in the production, as did the rest of the ensemble and featured dancers.
This play made me think of the many memories I had with the East High Wildcats growing up, and all the time I spent watching the movie that I now get to see my peers at Garnet Valley star in.

Whether you’re a brainiac who loves to dance, a cello playing skater dude, or a basketball player that loves to cook, every stereotype can connect to this show.

What Team?
WILDCATS! Get your head in the game!

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