Come See High School Musical!

Come see High School Musical on November 15th, 16th, and 17th! Tickets are on sale online for $14 each. The onstage cast has worked very hard for several months to make a good show for its audience, and the play is filled with exciting singing, dancing numbers, and acting scenes. The play High School Musical revolves around a modern day high school setting and discovering the passions and possibilities of many different individuals. It teaches students especially to follow their dreams and stand up for themselves against the typical status quo. The main character, Troy Bolton, is a star basketball player, but he secretly wants to be in his high school’s musical. His friends initially make fun of him and believe he is joking when he tells them his musically inclined passion, but eventually, Chad, Zeke, and others learn to accept him for who he is. Soon afterwards, other students like Ripper, a skater dude, and Martha, a brainiac, start admitting secret passions they have been holding in such as dancing and playing the cello but now wish to express; the infamous song, Stick To The Status Quo, focuses on the battle between sameness and individualism that is seen through these characters. The other main character in High School Musical, Gabriella Montez, is extremely intelligent and enjoys science, but she like Troy also wants to be a part of the musical. In the end, Troy and Gabriella end up starring in the musical together while continuing to participate in the basketball game and science decathlon and their friends learn to accept and support them during the musical call backs. Many have probably all seen the High School Musical movies, but Garnet Valley High School’s Performing Arts Association has done a phenomenal job putting together High School Musical, especially with an entire new set of leads. Come support the Garnet Valley High School Cast!

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