Recap of GV vs. Conestoga Football Game

By: Alec Eskin

The previous football game between Garnet Valley and Conestoga was very exciting, but not for the reasons one may be thinking of. Of course, there were thrilling instances that occurred during the game, but there were lots of other energizing events prior to the game as well as during half time. One of these events was the float parade where all four grades make interesting looking floats, ride them throughout the Garnet Valley High School parking lot, and hold performances on the floats. The Jaguars also brought out all of their hall of fame members, including the ones who were recently inducted this past Tuesday. Then, all of the senior players were brought out onto the field. During the game, the Garnet Valley players wore their garnet jerseys that are only worn once a year on homecoming. At half time, all of the homecoming queen nominees were brought out onto the field. Lastly, after the game had ended, the spectators was able to enjoy a fantastic fireworks show. The Garnet Valley homecoming game is a greatly important tradition that has lasted for more than 30 years; this is a very fun ritual for the Garnet Valley students, alumni, and community. Now, let’s get into the specifics of the actual homecoming game.

The offense once again had a slow start to the game, ending their first two possessions with fumbles. But, like the Radnor game, the offense broke out in the second quarter. The offense finished the game with 43 total points, 268 rushing yards, 101 passing yards, 17 first downs, and 369 total yards. Garnet Valley’s offense is currently the top five offense in the central league. What has made this offense so incredible is that they have run the ball very well in all of their games, and they have averaged over 200 yards. As of late, they have incorporated the passing game a little more as well, in two of their last three games, and they have thrown for over 100 yards in both, which is considered a lot of passing yards. This offense has come up large several different times this year. For instance, in the Haverford game with under 20 seconds left, Garnet Valley scored a four yard touchdown pass to Glackin from Palis. Another example happened during the fourth quarter of another game against Springfield when Bradley ran in for a 15 yard score on a slick Springfield grass. A final instance was against Radnor in a third game during overtime when Garnet Valley achieved a quick 10 yard touchdown run from Bradley and right after Palis leapt into the endzone for the two point conversion. This offense has not been perfect, but whenever it has been called upon, the offense has come through in a big way. This offense has a tough task against Upper Darby’s defense next week in the regular season finally, but if you are Jaguars’ fans, I would hold great confidence right now in this offensive line.  

The defense, on the other hand, has experienced a rough week against Radnor. People were waiting to see how they would respond, but surprisingly, they came up significantly as well. The defense put up a zero on the scoreboard and only allowed 70 rushing yards, only 90 passing yards, and had three turnovers (two by interceptions and one by a fumble). This Conestoga offense is underrated with a good running back in Liam Kirk; it held him to 25 yards on 12 attempts ( about 2.08 yards per carry). This defense is one of the best in the Delco County. They rank top five in rush defense and are no walk in the park through the air as well. There is a lot of good things to say about what this defense has done, but the red zone defense might just be the best part. This defense also has a tough assignment ahead in stopping an electric Upper Darby offense. However, Garnet Valley supporters should put a lot of confidence in them as well during this intense time.

Next game, as mentioned earlier in the article, is the regular season finale against Upper Darby. This game is big for both teams. A Central League title is on the line for Garnet Valley where they currently have a share of the title. For Upper Darby, they need this game to win for a good position in the playoffs (Seedings for the 6A Playoffs can be found on the Garnet Valley Football website). So, if Garnet Valley wins against Upper Darby, they will win their first Central league title since 2013. The game is on Friday night at 7:00 PM. Please show support and be there!

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