Helping the Community: GV Interact’s Involvement with the Middle School Halloween Dance

By Julia Lennon

The Halloween Dance for the 7th and 8th grade took place on Friday, October 12th at the middle school, and interact was there to supervise. Interact is a club where students do community service and attend community events to help out with whatever is needed and allow the events to run smoothly.

Renamed the “Fun Night” (for reasons yet to be known), a lot has changed since us high schoolers have been to the dance. Now, it feels as if as if Midnight Madness and the Snowflake Dance have been merged. In one of the gyms, there’s basketball, corn hole, and even a mechanical bull! In the other gym, green lights shine and dance across the ceiling and walls while a DJ blares the music so loud that the whole gym vibrates.

Interact volunteers were stationed all around the area some in the cafeteria keeping an eye on things, and some in the gyms. While the dance did run rather smoothly overall, there were a few incidents that needed to be taken care of. Volunteers had to repeatedly put the wooden corn hole targets back in place. Despite the rule of no food outside of the cafeteria, there were a few spills in the gym that proved otherwise.

Interact volunteers got to partake in eating chocolate chip cookies and pizza. It turned out to be a very eventful night for Interact— catch them at events around the community for the remainder of the school year!

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