How to Handle a Heavy Homework Load

All students have to face it, as school is back in session… whether they want it to start or not. It can be difficult to ease back into the rapid buzz of school, especially trying to complete numerous homework assignments on time. In this modern, college-based society, grades are extremely important. Homework, if not submitted consistently on time, can take a toll on a student’s grades in the long run. Consequently, here are some important steps to take in order to keep those grades up!

The first step is to avoid procrastination. Procrastination tends to be the main source of weakness for students. Phones, computers, and TVs become serious distractions that prevent students from getting work done; the best way to avoid procrastination is to put these distractions away. Completely turn off TVs, phones, and computers. Put them far away so there is no temptation to use them.

The next step to getting work done is working in small portions. Instead of thinking of the extremely large pile of homework as a whole, take each section step by step. Breaking one’s work into smaller chunks helps make the work easier to complete and helps students avoid feeling stressed when they look at how much they have to do. Also, giving oneself 20-25 minute breaks in between study or work periods can help students from becoming overwhelmed too quickly.

Another important step is deciding which order to complete assignments in. Some of the ways students can order their homework are largest to smallest, hardest to easiest, or based on the order of their classes. This way, students can assure themselves that assignments due sooner in advance or that take more effort can be completed first, leaving the less challenging tasks for later when students are fatigued from the school day and are more on a time crunch.

Homework is unavoidable, and every single student has to to do it. Tips like the ones listed above can help students get through the school year without the high amount of stress they would normally have. 

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