Looking for Alaska Book Review

By: Olivia Collins

The book Looking for Alaska by John Green was my favorite summer reading novel and has been on my to-read list since last fall. This past summer, I finally was able to sit down and read this gripping novel and instantly fell in love with the storyline, characters, and writing style. Looking for Alaska is poignant and relatable to any person who picks it up to read; the story follows a young college student named Miles who attends Culver Creek. Miles is looking for a fresh start and a chance at various new adventures. He befriends an individual named “Alaska” who is mysterious, adventurous, and whimsical. The two navigate college together as Miles searches for “a great perhaps” in his life. As Miles begins to fall in love with Alaska, he is faced with news that will send him on a journey through which he learns the truth of who Alaska truly is.

Reading this book is not like reading a typical realistic fiction novel. The plot will keep readers on the edge of their seats while making them simultaneously question what life is truly about. Extremely philosophical and inspiring, this mesmerizing story will stay with readers months after they finish the final page.



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