High School Musical Play Coming Soon!

Looking for a fun event to watch and experience this fall? The GVHS Drama Club is putting on High School Musical from November 15th-17th! Get ready to see the iconic Disney Channel story performed by the Drama Club’s talented cast of 6th-12th graders as they sing and dance the show in our very own auditorium. The main cast includes Camille Bautista (senior) and Kaitlyn Purvis (junior) as Gabriella, Drake Schultz (junior) and Ben Daisey (junior) as Troy, Marykate Sweeney (junior) and Alicia Bartosik (junior) as Sharpay, Luke Taylor (junior) and Shane Veloski (sophomore) as Ryan, and Kiera Adams (senior) and Megan McGarrey (senior) as Ms. Darbus. In addition to these incredible leads, the ensemble, featured dancers, and other participants in the show are amazing and have dedicated a great amount of time and energy to this performance. High School Musical, an extremely high-energy show, is not something students, faculty, or the community want to miss out on, so please be sure to come out and support!

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