Best Advice for High School

High school is a huge transition. Students are coming in from the middle school which is so much different from the rigorous high school environment. It can be extremely challenging for 9th graders to adjust to the new coursework load, various clubs, and atmosphere at GVHS. Consequently, here is a list of advice that students should follow to make their time at high school better:

  1. Keep your friends close. You may have heard this before, but it is good to have a loyal group of friends. And by loyal, I mean people who are not going to talk about you behind your back. These are the kind of friends that will still be your friends even if you do not see them on a daily basis.
  2. Keep up with your schoolwork. I know, we have all procrastinated before and put something off because it was too difficult or stressful. Just try your hardest, do your homework diligently and thoroughly, and study consistently to understand the material being taught. 
  3. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Whatever it is that you are struggling with, you are not alone! You do not have to feel ashamed about needing help or having trouble with something. Humans have flaws… no one is perfect at everything that he or she attempts.
  4. Respect others. Whether they are teachers or peers, it is important to respect others to generate kindness and create strong, positive relationships. When others see how much you respect them, they might begin to trust you more, and you can build better friendships as a result. 
  5. Stand up for what is right. If someone is telling you to do something that you think or know is wrong, do not do it; it is that simple. And if these people are your friends, then they obviously are not treating you like one. If these “friends” are pressuring you and giving you grief, then they were not who you thought they were; this can be very challenging because many high schoolers want to be popular, accepted, and fit in.
  6. Take responsibility for yourself. If you get a bad grade or make a mistake, do not try to blame others. No matter the problem, you need to acknowledge your mistake and behave maturely. Furthermore, try to prepare yourself so that you do not make the same mistake in the future.
  7. Get involved! High school is not all about academics. Good grades are definitely important, but participating in other activities like sports and clubs makes students knowledgeable, well rounded, and effective communicators. You can get to know different kinds of people and share experiences with them through the activities offered at GVHS. Besides, it is always to good to have lots of activities on your transcript when you apply to college.
  8. Popularity is not everything. Do not be jealous simply because you do not have as many friends as other people do. You are probably never going to see the majority of high schoolers around you again after you leave high school. Just be yourself and form a few, special friendships with classmates who share the same values and interests as you.
  9. Stand up for yourself. If someone is bullying you, please tell someone; nothing good ever comes out of being the victim in a bullying situation. All the bully wants is to have power over you and feel like they are superior to you because likely, that person is insecure about himself/herself. Do not let yourself be subjected to criticism or judgement… you are amazingly unique!
  10. Do not judge others. Nobody wants to be made fun of because of the way they look or behave. Making fun of others or gossiping with friends about the way someone else dresses or acts is a complete waste of your time; the role of a high school student is to encourage and uplift other people rather than put them down.

There you have it! If students follow at least some of these tips, they will enjoy themselves, establish strong relationships with others, and overall have an unforgettable high school experience.

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