Snapchat for Students

By: John Nevy

The social media application Snapchat, which had been blocked for several months before on Garnet Valley High School’s wifi, is once again free to access and utilize.  On Wednesday, 23 May 2018, the decision was made, and it became apparent to Garnet Valley High School students on the following school day.

For most students, Snapchat is an important source of social media that is used daily for both news and messaging.  One could certainly claim it to be the most universal and prevalent of media apps at Garnet Valley, surpassing others such as Instagram and even regular SMS texting in its significant popularity among teenagers.

To many students, including several at the table I visited, there was much surprise and relief upon receiving the news. Several were not even aware of the change that occurred, so their reactions display shock and happiness. The response among students, both at this table and throughout the school, was overwhelmingly positive, and hopefully, the increased accessibility to Snapchat will continue to generate the same sentiment.

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