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GVHS Drama Club Upcoming Events

by GVHSJagJournal
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While it is sad to see all of the artistically talented seniors leave, the Garnet Valley Drama Club is bustling with excitement for next year. This coming fall of 2018, the Drama Club will perform High School Musical On Stage, and in the spring Annie. While the club has a pretty sizable cast, it wants more students to join!

High School Musical is a staple from most of Garnet Valley High School students’ childhoods, including the talented Alicia Bartosik who cannot wait to perform in her childhood favorite movie. It is going to have so much fun dancing and singing! No one gets cut from the performance, so it will surely be a blast! 

Now, everyone under 5”3’ is much more excited for Annie; this is because they have a shot for one of the main orphans, and they could play some fun parts! Even seniors, such as Kelly McGarrey, are excited because they are in the running for the lead orphans. Now, if you are not on the smaller side, there are dozens of adult parts, and MANY for boys!

If you ever thought that joining a play would be fun, or something that you are interested in, then this is your year. The shows are easy and will absolutely be amazing experiences! Many seniors joined at the end of this year, and every single one of them said that they wished they had joined sooner. This could be you! When asked what she would miss most about participating in Drama Club, salutatorian Lainie said that she would miss the incredible family she gained over the past few years.

If students would like to join this ‘family’ please do! You can reach out to Mrs. Arters, Presidents Annie Tunstall and Megan McGarrey, Vice Presidents Maddy Burford and Kelly McGarrey, or any other drama club member. Feel free to ask questions to anyone involved, and they will gladly help you decide on whether or not to join the play and help lead you through the audition process.

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