High School Finals: How Do They Make the Students Feel?

By Maison Logan

Garnet Valley High School -As we all probably know already, finals are only a few weeks away. The stress and anxiety within the students at Garnet Valley is very prominent even though we should be excited that school is over in three weeks. Some students have already begun studying while others will wait until the night before. Although finals bring tension and anxiety along with them, those aren’t the only things they bring. According to some students at Garnet Valley, finals tend to make them over analyze and think about a lot of things.

It is already known by many people that finals bring along negative effects but students tend to think about more than just the grade that they might get. During a school lunch, I asked people how finals made them feel. Meghan Dougherty, a student in 9th grade, said, “School finals make me doubt myself in every way because they make me feel stupid.” Another student, Claire Burford, said, “I hate finals because they make me feel dumb and like I’m not smart enough even though I know all the information.”

It’s not only at Garnet Valley that students feel this way. At almost all schools across America, finals make students doubt themselves and their capabilities. If school finals make students stressed to the point where it can cause them to have anxiety attacks or make them doubt themselves to the point where they feel simple-minded, I feel as if maybe schools should take the students’ opinions into account.

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