December 10, 2023

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Garnet Valley High School

As the year is coming to a close, students are gearing up for finals. Final exams can cause stress, require an immense amount of studying, and often create frustration. In order to help Garnet Valley students out, we wanted to provide a couple of important study tips.

  1. Create a large to-do list and study schedule that will give you a chance to focus on a manageable amount of review every day.
  2. Get started studying material as soon as possible. Starting earlier will give you the chance to ask questions and work on things you struggle with.
  3. When you go to study, review old tests and notes. From this information create a summary of the notes for that chapter or subject that you can study regularly.
  4. While you study, take short breaks. Using something such as the Pomodoro technique is a thing people usually find to be helpful, as it enforces productivity while establishes breaks in between.
  5. While studying, make sure there are a minimal amount of distractions surrounding you. Keep your phone at a distance and the TV off, however tempting these distractions might seem at the time you are studying.
  6. Quizzing yourself can also be extremely helpful. Look up practice tests, create Quizlets and flash cards, use your notes to effectively review the material.
  7. Start a study group so that you can ask questions, share notes, and create practices test with other students.

Hopefully these tips helps through this busy time. Have a great rest of the year!


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