Garnet Valley High School Art Show Reflection

Amber Brenhuber

This lovely art piece displays an empty sidewalk on a stormy, winter night. The sidewalk, covered in snow, has few footprints here and there, is surrounded by leafless trees, and an unlit lamp; however, not a single human soul is present in the artwork. A thin, onyx post, directly in the middle of the sidewalk, is topped with a hand carrying a delicate rose. A stranded leash near an empty bench can be found towards the front of the scene. The setting seems to be nearing either dusk or dawn, as the sky is not completely light nor dark. The only sense of warmth this piece illustrates is found in the pleasant background, the rest seems to possess a cold, negative feeling.

Winter typically symbolizes death and frailty, and through this piece, the wintry aspect gives off a sensation of gloom or grief; the prominent loneliness seen throughout the piece also gives off sensations of despair and isolation. The rose-topped post and the stranded leash, both at the front of the picture, are key components of the bare setting. As the empty winter scene gives off a negative connotation, the rose on the post gives off a different meaning. Roses symbolize hope and new beginnings, which ultimately gives this artwork a full-circled story.

This artist may have recently went through a rough patch in his or her life but has now moved on and is looking forward to what the future holds. The detailed drawing is very realistic, and I love the way the artist incorporated similar color schemes along with their shadows. His or her drawing has various levels to it, each filled with different sized objects. These objects can be found towards the front when drawn larger or towards the back when drawn smaller. This wintry piece, beautifully drawn, certainly holds a deeper meaning to it than just a pretty, snowy mood.

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