Garnet Valley High School Art Show Reflection

Shannon Gibley

The Garnet Valley Art Show was full of fantastic art, but one piece that I was very draw to was Emma Rolecki’s inviting ghost sculpture. Amidst various artwork portraying intense scenes, the small, friendly candle holder was warm and welcoming, charming me from the moment I saw it. It is a simple sculpture, and as a result, the candle holder can be easily understood and appreciated.

Made of smooth clay, the precious candle holder has mostly dark hues on the inside, allowing for the candle’s light to shine even brighter through its eyes which is an artistic choice that results in a wonderful display. The clay is sculpted in a way where the ghost’s “rags” fall naturally, looking as if it is simply sitting there, holding candles and doing one a special favor. The yellow rims inside the eyes and around the edges of the candle holder provide a nice tint that add a meticulous accent and enhance the piece. Located on a table towards the back of the gym, this artistic ghost sculpture is the perfect piece to hold one’s candles on a chilly day.

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