GVHSPAA’s 2018-2019 Season

By Maya Bendezú and Ananya Gupta

A year of wonderful shows from the GVHS Performing Arts Association has passed. Many congratulations to all who participated. We are all looking forward to another year of exciting, family-friendly plays.

Our first production of the next year is High School Musical (the musical), which is based on the Disney movie. It surrounds Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez and their journey in which they are participating in their high school production. They have to deal with the everyday struggles of high school, such as maintaining the role of captain on the basketball team or the science olympiad. Alongside that, they have to deal with jealous peers, a busy schedule and find time to indulge in their own romance.

The second show of next year is the Broadway musical, Annie. The touching story revolves around the young red-headed orphan and her journey as she explores the complicated world around her. She struggles to keep her head up as the evil woman, Ms. Hannigan, who runs the orphanage is set against her.

We hope that you attend the shows or participate. Hope to see you there!

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