December 6, 2023

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Garnet Valley High School Art Show Reflection

by GVHSJagJournal
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Madalynne Burford

I had the honor of visiting the Garnet Valley High School Art Show. I was inundated with fantastic artwork and would absolutely recommend the show to anyone who has a chance to attend.  The art within the show was sent from the entire district’s art program and it is just such an amazing experience to see the array of Garnet Valley artistic talent.

My favorite piece in the art show was this fish. It really stuck out to me. I thought it was very cute and advanced for a 1st grader. I love the color combinations as well as really like how it transitions from red to purple, two dark colors, with many light colors in between. I also like the various abstract shapes with a few hearts among them.

The detail of the small other animals is also very impressive in such a young student. It is overall a very cute piece and it is certainly visually appealing to me. I really love fish, so this piece completely makes me happy. Furthermore, the bubbles were an extremely nice touch to an amazing piece.

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