Garnet Valley High School Art Show Reflection

Nevy Brent

The photograph I chose from the Garnet Valley Art Show was of a cow upon a pasture, as taken by Kelli Waldman.  The cow itself simply lurks upon the top of the hill, grazing upon a hill’s grass. It is a mostly beige-brown cow, although its face and legs are a milky white color.  A couple other bovine companions of it are to be found in the distance. At the particular moment of the photograph being taken, the cow central to this picture itches its face with its front-left hoof.   The landscape appears to be rugged, mountainous moorland with the land covered mostly by fields along with a little bit of snow on a single mountain slope. It appears quite rocky on top of the mountain, although in the hills of the background, there are also some rather smooth forests of trees.  I believe that this could possibly have been taken somewhere in the Alps, although I am not entirely sure.

The background is what I found of significant note.  The photograph exemplifies the division between foreground (the main cow), the midground (the rest of the main hill with the other cows), and the background (the mountainous landscape).  Pictures taken on mountains are always very cool, especially when being taken from the top of one down below. There are clouds whispering about in the aether, as well as interlacing the hills from below.  The landscape itself already looks gorgeous, with a nice mixture of coniferous trees and pastures surrounding the small herd of cattle. The deep green of the field contrasts greatly with the varied hues of blue.  The overall emotion that the piece embodies is placidity, mixing together the awe of the picturesque background with the normality of the quiescent cattle. I really like this piece of art, and its subject area is certainly a place that I would enjoy being in.

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