Garnet Valley High School Art Show Reflection

Aria Vandayar

The painting that I chose depicts a girl with no face and blue hair holding up a sign that reads “The Fire Inside Me Burns Brighter Than The Fire Around Me.” This painting was exceptional because it successfully combined a variety of colors including red, blue, white, and black. The background, a nice blue shade, was also amazing because it did not distract or detract from the main focus of the picture which was the girl holding up the sign. 

Beyond the exceptional artistic ability of Bri Boccuti, this painting conveyed a inspirational message of hope for anyone who might need it by implementing the quote that was stated above. Another great thing about this painting was that it did not solely focus on the girl in the picture. Three people of the opposite gender are also depicted without faces, and artist also went to putting various different types of clothes on each person portrayed in the picture. Overall, the Art Show was a huge success containing many inspirational pieces such as the painting I observed. 

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