Garnet Valley High School Art Show Reflection

Alyssa Mercincavage

One piece of artwork I noticed while attending the Garnet Valley High School Art Shoe was a piece of cake; this cake was a “S’mores” cake. The cake was three layers with the top and bottom a dark color and the middle layer a light brown color. The layers were separated with a white filling. The outside of the cake was covered with brown sprinkles and the top contained toasted marshmallows. On the plate, there was a drizzle of icing that lined the plate on one side. I thought this piece of art was very creative and neatly done. One could tell that the artist paid attention to detail and was extremely scrupulous with her work. However, I thought the plate itself could have had more on it because some extra flare would have made the artwork more appealing. Overall, the art show was incredible and showcased many talented artists work.

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