Garnet Valley High School Art Show Reflection

When I went to the Garnet Valley High School Art Show which was filled with amazing works of art and a great variety of talent, I came along a piece created by Allison Byrne. In her self portrait, she drew herself using a pencil to create a rustic, dramatic effect and added a pretty, yellow painted sunflower. She crafted a vibrant background with water colors, displaying bright orange with green vines and beautiful sunflowers.

     Allison’s facial expression makes one look at her artwork with question. “Why is she not smiling? She is surrounded by a lovely background!” However, if one stares a little longer at the masterpiece, he or she will see the fascinating, intriguing story behind the entire picture. Including Allison’s work of art, the Art Show in its entirety was a complete success, and I am very excited to experience an array of artistic ability next year.

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