Three GVHS Seniors Impart Their Experiences of High School and Future Planning

By: Sabrina Zhang

GLEN MILLS, PA — Three Garnet Valley High School seniors – Kari Psomas, Julia Boznango, and Lindsay Seidel – share their 4-year accumulated experience and wisdom, as well as their thoughts for their future plans.

Like many high school seniors across the nation currently, Kari, Julia, and Lindsay have received or will be receiving admission results from the colleges they have applied to. Within this month and the next will be especially exciting or nerve-wracking for 12th graders.

However, for Kari, Julia, and Lindsay, who have already been accepted to some colleges, they can afford to relax a little and look forward to their upcoming graduation in June.

“I feel happy about graduation! Also a little scared at the same time because it means I will be leaving my family and home but I am ready to be independent and on my own,” said Lindsay (in an email interview) on her feelings about graduation.

All three seniors plan to attend college after graduating, but the paths they have decided differ from each other.

“I plan to go to Seton Hall [University] to major in Diplomacy and International Relations,” said Julia. “And if I don’t like that, I have accounting or writing to go into.”

Kari intends to major in biology with a pre-med track in mind at the University of Pittsburgh, while Lindsay hopes to study Occupational Therapy at Duquesne University on a 6 year program.

With only 4 more months left in the school year, the seniors reminisce on their experiences in high school.

Kari has been involved with band throughout all 4 years at GV and calls those times her favorite memories of high school.

“I think I had the most fun [being a part of band], learning music, and hanging out with people from band,” said Kari. “You just spend a lot of time with them so it’s, I don’t know, you just get really close.”

Lindsay has also been a band member and names her band experience as one of her top memories, citing the friendships she has made while in band as the key factor. She also lists prom, miniTHON, and homecoming floats as other great memories she made with her friends.

Julia, who is a member of Model UN, selected her time with the club as her favorite memory.

“I was amazed at how Model UN changed me,” said Julia. “You can go to as many or as little conferences as you want, you can work as hard as you want, and it is a very involved club once you get yourself into it, but it is incredibly fun, to me at least.”

When asked about what they would change about their time in high school if they could, both Julia and Kari chose time management.

“I’m not a good time manager… I always tell myself I gotta manage my time better,” said Julia. “I really wonder what my class ranking and GPA would’ve been if I’d actually consistently tried.”

For Lindsay, she wishes she could have spent more time with her friends, instead of focusing so much of time at home studying. She also regrets taking some classes that were too hard for her and added to the stress that she already felt.

Before they graduate and leave for college, all three seniors have wise words to share with their underclassmen.

“Don’t overload yourself so that you can do other things or take classes you maybe wanted to take and you’re not going to be able to take once you get into college. Have fun with your last year,” Kari advised.

Lindsay recommends current juniors/incoming seniors to work on their college applications as soon as possible, as the process can be exhausting and time-consuming.

“Getting this done as early as possible helps you have a little less stress for your senior year,” she said.

“Get your applications done early, find out what information you can, have a sense of what you want to do and where you want to go, and if you’re undecided that’s still fine,” Julia suggests on a similar note.

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