Garnet Valley Colorguard has Undefeated Regular Season

By Megan McGarrey

Within the Garnet Valley community, little is known about the indoor arts programs, such as the drumline and colorguard. In the recent season alone, the aforementioned groups have had astounding success: at their respective competitions at William Penn and Springfield, the drumline and colorguard both had won, with the drumline’s score jumping five points and the colorguard achieving a feat they had not completed since their jump from the intermediate scholastic division: an undefeated regular season. Their unprecedented run comes from show conceptually different from shows from previous years: The Red Planet musically and physically documents the tale of an astronaut landing on Mars and encountering the alien lifeforms that inhabit the planet. Through three sections of peace, conflict, and acceptance, the astronaut (portrayed by Kelly McGarrey) takes a journey through these emotions to lead the audience into the world of the aliens. As for the rest of the season, the guard has two more competitions before hitting the road in early May for championships in Wildwood, New Jersey. At both competitions, they perform as exhibition at their home show on Saturday, April 21st, and at Chapter Championships on Sunday, April 29th (they will not be in competition because the competition they are attending is not for their own chapter).Be sure to wish any member luck and to come out and support the GVMS & GVHS Guards as well as the GVHS drumline this Saturday in the new gym! Admission is $5 for students and $10 for adults

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